Strategic Planning

Strategic plans need to be living documents that guide behavior, decisions and actions. We can help facilitate the process of planning to fit your needs and your company’s culture. Whatever the reason motivating the creation of a plan, how you involve the people who will make the plan a reality will make a difference in the quality and in the success of the implementation. Swing Consulting is experienced at facilitating start-up plans, annual plans, or plans for special circumstances. If you are starting with the creation of a vision and mission statement, or your planning process needs a boost of creativity, we stand ready to assist the forward-looking leader in planning their next business adventure.

Corporate Culture Diagnostics and Change

If a change in the culture of your organization is needed to achieve your goals, a diagnosis of the current situation, a clear picture of the desired end result, and a plan for change is called for. We can walk through the process with you by interviewing employees, suppliers, customers or any other stakeholders, giving you clear feedback, provide coaching and craft interventions that specifically meet your needs.

Assessment Tools and Feedback

We are certified to administer assessment and feedback tools from Hay Group® including Emotional Competence Inventory, Inventory of Leadership Styles, and Organizational Climate Survey which work together to give a leader a clear picture of their leadership influence on their organization and how to move from good to great!

We offer coaching packages that include one, two or all three of these instruments, feedback and the creation of development plans. Click here to request information.

Leadership Development

How do your leaders need to be developed to ensure the meeting of your strategic objectives and alignment with your vision, mission and values? Yesterday’s skills may not insure future success. We have existing training programs and will custom design development experiences that help your leaders become more effective at reaching your business objectives.

Implications Wheel® Facilitation and Training

Developed by futurist Joel Barker, the Implications Wheel® is a graphic thinking tool that assists groups in identifying possible future implications of a specific trend, decision, innovation or event. Sharon Swing is a certified facilitator and trainer of this forward-looking process. Plans can be made based on the likelihood and desirability of the possible events, enhancing the likelihood of desirable events and reducing the risk of undesirable events.