Meeting Facilitation

Effective, productive meetings are commonly the exception instead of the rule. With the help of Swing Consulting, you can get more done in less time and maybe even have some fun doing it. As a leader it can be difficult to facilitate, listen to others and lead all at the same time. Having a facilitator run a meeting allows the leader to fully engage in the content of the meeting. Leaders can then listen well, lead effectively and not worry about the agenda, timing, and remaining neutral enough to allow differing perspectives to emerge from the group. More productive meetings with better quality decisions are possible with the help of a facilitator.

Conference Design

You can’t afford to gather a large group of people and not meet your business objectives. We have experience in assuring your goals are met and participants leave knowing their time has been well spent.

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is a creative way of documenting the process and content of a meeting in words and pictures. Graphic “thinking tools” are drafted on large paper charts and information is facilitated out of meeting participants and recorded into these visual thinking tool structures. Meetings become faster paced, more focused, productive, memorable and fun! Experience a meeting using a graphic recorder along with a facilitator, and you’ll never want to run an important meeting without their assistance.

Implications Wheel® Facilitation and Training

Developed by futurist Joel Barker, the Implications Wheel® is a graphic thinking tool that assists groups in identifying possible future implications of a specific trend, decision, innovation or event. Sharon Swing is a certified facilitator and trainer of this forward-looking process. Plans can be made based on the likelihood and desirability of the possible events, enhancing the likelihood of desirable events and reducing the risk of undesirable events.